This chic boutique firm is characterised by mutual respect, teamwork and a devotion to doing what we do best. The directors are skilled and experienced to create an enthusiastic and dynamic team aimed at solving the legal dilemmas our clients face. Focused on offering individualised, personal and considerate service to our clients, we pride ourselves on the professional and skilled style we have adopted. We provide premium service, focused attention and the most advantageous solutions by offering sound business advice tempered with legal consciousness.
Sean O'Hagan
Attorney, Notary Public, Financial Planner

Sean is one of South Africa’s top lawyers and financial planners and handles this accolade with his customary modesty. Clients love Sean because he speaks utter common sense and negotiates consistently brilliant results while being completely charming. He didn’t write the legal books, because he isn’t that boring, but applies the principles efficiently and practically.

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Sharon O'Hagan
Attorney, Notary Public, Conveyancer, Certified Financial Planner®

The lynchpin attorney. Sharon has a nerdy love of the law and how it impacts on a client’s financial planning. She has an unnerving knack for remembering each and every client that has passed through our doors over the last 10 years.

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Craig O'Hagan
Estate Administrator

We imported Craig from the dark and frozen wastelands of London to add to the talents of our estate administration team. Craig also looks after our commercial and residential property portfolios. Craig is the verbal equivalent of a silent assassin who shocks you when you realise that he’s just said something really subversive and wickedly funny. Braai master deluxe – Craig’s dangerous cooking style keeps the office well fed!

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Nelie (pronounced “nearly”) Crowie
Conveyancing Paralegal

If ever there was a prankster, Nelie would be crowned queen. She keeps us all on our toes with shocks, frights and tricks! She is our true Jekyll and Hyde because when it comes to business, Nelie is no nonsense and will not leave the office until her desk is clear and her work is done.

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Financial-planner-in-progress and Office Administrator

Receptionist and Paralegal-in-progress

Think small, innovative, family-orientated and devoted to doing what we do best. Would you ever imagine describing your lawyers like that? Well, our belief is that lawyers are generally boring, out-of-date and match the general stereotypes of sharks and therefore we built our firm on the complete opposite of the general perception.

Our firm started in 2007 when Sean and Sharon O’Hagan travelled to China for a family holiday.

Sean was on the precipice of retiring as a legal advisor from one of the largest banks. He was unwilling to give up work just yet as he had so much to offer and most importantly did not want to leave long-standing clients in the lurch.
Sharon was tired of toiling for a nameless, faceless, large firm and wanted a fresh start where clients came first and were not considered mince for the sausage machine.

After a glass or two of red wine (or probably the Chinese equivalent) the two agreed that it was time to wow the public and start something completely foreign in the legal realm - a law firm based on family-values. It was (and still is) their aim to protect the interests of their clients and to solve legal dilemmas before their clients sustained a heart attack from excessive legal fees and wasted time in courts. We class ourselves as preventative lawyers who solve legal conundrums before they become problems.

... and so the firm began in a tiny office in Lonehill. Thankfully we have expanded since those days and have employed a number of new staff members who are dubbed honorary “O’Hagan” family members. We have also embraced more clients who we consider friends and family.