Financial Planning is an ongoing process to assist you to make informed and sensible decisions about your lifestyle and to help to you achieve your goals in life.

A financial plan will help you to:

  • Create and save money
  • Protect and preserve your wealth
  • Achieve your goals
  • Plan for retirement
  • Leave a legacy
  • Minimise costs and taxes

It is time to get organised and in control of your finances instead of having your finances control you. In starting a financial plan you will:

  • boast more confidence
  • possess peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order and that your family is protected
  • reduce stress levels as you have direction and a financial guide to help you along the journey.
"A survey of Yale University graduates in 1953 showed that only 3% had written down their financial plans for the future. Twenty years later a follow up survey of the same graduates showed that the assets of the 3% who had written down their plan exceeded the combined assets of the 97% who had not."

Source: Money Tree/Wealth Adviser

1. Qualifications

Our directors are Certified Financial PlannersCM (CFP) registered with the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa through our sister company, Denhagan Investment Services. Denhagan in turn is registered with the Financial Services Board.

CFP certification is the only globally recognised mark of professionalism for Financial Planners. CFP professionals are qualified at a level well above the minimum regulatory requirement which qualification is equivalent to an honours degree.

Our financial planners meet all competency, ethical and professional practice standards meaning that you can trust and feel confident in our financial advice.

2. Experience

We have a combined 35 years of experience in personal financial planning. Together with our clients, we have suffered the setbacks of bear markets and have celebrated the bull runs.

We are proud that the vast majority of our investment work has been referred to us by existing clients who know us personally and with whom we have been working with for many years.

3. Services

We offer personal and tailor made financial solutions to individuals. Although we are affiliated to the large institutions, we do not work or recommend any one of them that it not suited to your specific needs. We do not sell products but a lifestyle choice to enhance your wealth creation and preservation.

4. Financial Philosophy

We develop detailed financial plans encompassing all of your financial goals and can advise specifically in the areas of taxation, estate planning, trust creation and investments.

5. Process

We utilise six financial planning steps to create a sound financial plan with your aims and objectives at the heart of the design: -

  1. Establish your goals in life – short, medium and long term
  2. Work out what assets and liabilities you have
  3. Evaluate your current financial position and how close are you to achieving your goals
  4. Develop a plan for achieving your different goals
  5. Implement your plan
  6. Monitor and review your plan periodically and make adjustments when needed
6. Written Proposals

All financial plans will be submitted to you in writing in an easily understandable document

7. Payment

Before implementing your financial plan, we will disclose the cost of our services to you in writing. There are no hidden fees whatsoever. Our charges are part commission and part fee based depending on the work that we undertake.

8. Regulation

We are regulated by the Financial Services Board and the Financial Planning Institute, both of which are regulatory bodies aiming to professionalise financial planners and provides strict rules for adherence and compliance.

9. Review

We check your financial accounts daily and review your plan quarterly. We endeavour to meet with you often to ensure that your financial plan is current to your changing circumstances.

10. Make money a lifestyle

Financial planning allows you to understand how your financial decisions will affect your lifestyle throughout the various stages of your life.

  • It is never too late to start a financial plan but the sooner you do the better the results
  • Set realistic goals which are measurable over time
  • Review and amend your financial plan periodically
  • Realise that you are in charge of your money and your financial decisions
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